Save The Mole Tarkov
Save The Mole Tarkov

Save The Mole Tarkov Escape From Darko: Save the Mole – Can you escape Ground Zero?

Save The Mole Tarkov Escape From Darko: Save the Mole – Can you escape Ground Zero?

Save The Mole Tarkov
Save The Mole Tarkov

The world of Escape From Darkness (EFT) is brutal. Bullets whizz past your ears, danger lurks around every corner and survival depends on your wits and tactical skills.

One challenging mechanic that may trouble EFT beginners is the “Save the Mole” mission, known for its complexity and unforgiving environment.

But fear not, fellow PMC (Player Mercenary Company)! This guide explores everything you need to know about “saving the mole” in Darko, providing you with the knowledge and strategies to complete this difficult task.

As the player, you will navigate its labyrinthine streets, abandoned buildings and dangerous alleys. The atmosphere is tense, the stakes are high and every decision can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

What does it mean to “save the mole” in Escape From Darko?

“Save the Mole” is the mission assigned to the Mechanic in Escape from Darko. You must locate and retrieve the dead scientist’s hard drive in a difficult location on the Ground Zeroes map. Here’s the description:

Find the dead scientist and his hard drive at Ground Zeroes.

Upon successful completion, you earn reputation points in the Mechanic and unlock quests and purchase expensive gear.

Dangers of Ground Zeroes:
Ground Zeroes offers challenges for players. Here’s what to expect:

Extreme PvP:
The map is a hub of player-versus-player (PVP) action, attracting well-equipped players competing for valuable loot.

Limited cover:
Open spaces and small buildings offer little protection, making you a vulnerable target.

Beware of the aggressive AI-controlled Skews that patrol the map and can easily take out unprepared players.

Inventing the Scientist and the Hard Drive
Here’s your road map to finding the scientist and restoring the hard drive:

Getting Ready:
Choose gear that prioritizes speed and quiet movement. A silenced weapon, light armor, and plenty of first aid items are crucial to dealing with Ground Zeroes’ dangers.

Entering Ground Zeroes:
This map has multiple entry points. Consider spawning near the eastern entrance or near the train tunnel for a less competitive approach.

Getting to the Parking Lot:
Head to the large, central parking complex on the west side of the map.

Searching for a Dead Scientist:
Inside the parking lot, look for a white van heading south. A dead scientist lies among some rubble nearby.

Hard Drive Securing:
Loot the scientist’s body to get the hard drive. Look for other players hiding nearby.

Once you have the hard drive, your goal is to get it off the map alive. Use designated extraction points like Emercom checkpoints or train tunnel exits.

Strategies for Success: Tips for Practicing “Save the Mole”
Here are some key strategies to increase your chances of success:

Use offline mode:
Practice the route in offline mode to familiarize yourself with the map layout and hazards before going on a live ride.

Tread cautiously:
Prioritize stealth and agility. Avoid driving at high speeds in public areas and use noise suppression on weapons to minimize noise and attract unwanted attention.

Check angles and flanks:
Beware of enemy forces in key areas or around your location.

Prioritize escape:
Remember, the primary goal is to recover and safely evacuate the hard drive. Don’t engage in prolonged fire unless absolutely necessary.

Beyond “Saving the Mole”:

The Importance of the Darko Escape Mission
Completing missions like “Save the Mole” is an integral part of the Escape from Tarkov experience. These missions unlock valuable rewards and not only improve your character, but also force you to learn different maps, improve your combat skills, and learn the game’s unique mechanics.

The “Save the Mole” mission is a major hurdle for new Escape from Darkov players. However, with proper preparation, strategic planning, and vigilance, you can make this money


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